Procedural generation

Generating a Procedural Landscape with Fauna in Unreal Engine is a basic feature, i’ve been planning from the start of the project to acheave something like this, from a list of plant and animal species, some basic preferencies and a location, it could be generated an entire biome

The ultimate target for this feature is to have an interface simulat to where the user searches for a species, selects a timeframe and the ma gets populated with results, after this step the user could select any place on the map and the recreation of that location would be generated

To achieve this i would have to create enough models of plants and animals, but as a compromise i could make one animal model for every group of animals, for instance one crab model would be used in the generation of every crab species

The first target would be to have at least one animal model for every class, then for every order, then for every family.

This feature will introduce lots of new bugs in the system, like animals getting generated inside walls or plants getting generated in the air, and that’s why i didn’t start with something like this.

There are pre-made plugins that could do this in Unreal Engine, some that generate a map and some that could populate an entire planet