Old Red Sandstone, land

The Old Red Sandstone is known for its diverse assemblage of early Devonian fish, with many fossils discovered in Scotland, Wales, and England.

While the Old Red Sandstone is celebrated for its rich fish fossils, plant fossils from the Early Devonian are also important in understanding the early colonization of land.

Here’s a description of some land fauna found in the Old Red Sandstone during the Early Devonian

  • Acanthodians: These were among the most common fish in the Early Devonian ORS. They were relatively small, with spines supporting their fins, and a covering of bony scales that gave them a somewhat shark-like appearance.
  • Arthropods: Various arthropods inhabited the rivers, lakes, and possibly land environments associated with the Old Red Sandstone
  • Early Insects & Arachnids: While not as well-preserved as fish, fossilized remains of early wingless insects, scorpions, and millipedes suggest the start of the arthropod colonization of land habitats.