Mazon Creek

Recreating the Carboniferous Mazon Creek in 3D is an exciting project that allows me to showcase a unique and well-preserved fossil ecosystem.

Understanding Mazon Creek:

  • Location: Northeastern Illinois, USA.
  • Timeframe: Late Carboniferous Period, around 309 million years ago.
  • Environment: A shallow sea with lush swamp forests bordering its shores. The area experienced periodic flooding events, which rapidly buried and preserved plants and animals, leading to the exceptionally well-preserved fossils found in Mazon Creek.

Flora: The dominant plants were giant lycopsids (primitive trees) like Lepidodendron and Sigillaria, along with ferns and other understory plants.

Fauna: Mazon Creek is famous for its diverse insect life, including giant dragonflies like Meganeura, cockroaches, and early ancestors of crickets and grasshoppers. Additionally, fish, amphibians, and even some early reptiles inhabited the area.