The Sirius Passet Lagerst├Ątte, which is a geological formation that preserves fossils in exceptional detail. This particular Lagerst├Ątte dates back to the Early Cambrian period, over 518 million years ago, and is located in North Greenland.

The environment it represents was likely a deep, oxygen-poor shelf edge environment. The fossils found there are some of the earliest animals ever discovered, and provide a window into an alien world teeming with bizarre creatures.

Archaeocyatha were a fascinating group of extinct, sessile, reef-building marine sponges that lived in warm tropical and subtropical waters during the Cambrian Period

Vetulicolia were enigmatic creatures that swam the oceans during the Cambrian period, they weren’t quite like anything alive today.

Arthropodes: While the fauna is still under description, a moderate number of arthropods have been identified there. These include: