Marketplace assets available can allow me to create settlements and AI tools configured for humans, the video shows an medieval example of what is technicaly possible

Gumelnita culture: Is particulary interesting for a reconstruction, it was a Chalcolithic culture of the 5th millennium BC (c. 4700–4000 BC), it would be an addition to the project


  • Architecture: Construct Neolithic dwellings using simple wooden structures, tents, and rudimentary stone buildings. Utilize modular construction kits to create variations while maintaining efficiency.
  • Campsites: Include campfires, animal skins, tools, and other elements that depict daily life in a Neolithic settlement.
  • Animations: Implement animations for villagers performing tasks like gathering food, crafting tools, and interacting with each other to add life and detail.

Additional Considerations:

  • Creatures: Aurochs, and other animals that existed during the Neolithic period, using animations and AI to simulate their behavior.
  • Soundscapes: Create immersive soundscapes with ambient wildlife noises, wind, and subtle human activity to enhance the atmosphere.
  • Weather System: Human AI can be used in more complex ways, for building, communication, etc

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