Upgradable Project

This project is an attempt to recreate extinct biomes in a realtime 3D enviroment as realistic as possible with recreated real plants and animals that lived on this planet.

The development of this simulator on the fossil forum


Official youtube chanel where i post videos to show individual enviroments and the current state of the project


Official sketchfab page where almost all models are uploaded


The key to an upgradable project is to start with a solid foundation and gradually add complexity and features over time as your skills and resources allow. By continuously iterating and improving the project, you can not only showcase your developing skills but also create a valuable tool for education and exploration of extinct biomes.

Interactive exploration: Users can freely explore the environment in first or third-person perspective.

Informational panels: Provide basic information about the extinct creatures and the environment they inhabited.

Improved graphics: As my modeling skills progress, i will continually enhance the visual fidelity of the environment and creatures, adding textures, lighting effects, and more detailed models

Expanded biome: Introduce new locations within the biome, showcasing different landscapes and ecosystems.

Additional extinct creatures: Gradually populate the environment with a wider variety of extinct species based on your research and modeling capabilities.

Interactive elements: Consider adding interactive elements like weather systems, day/night cycles, or even basic AI behavior for the creatures.

Educational features: Implement features like interactive quizzes, narrated tours, or detailed information displays to enhance the learning experience.

Multiplayer functionality (planned for future): Allow users to explore the biome together, potentially collaborating on research or educational activities.

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